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Paging Adaptor for DIA intruder alarm system

The Control box on this setup has been fitted with a special adaption so that it can be used with a Cobra MT800 or MT600 PMR 446 Licence free Walkie Talkie as a pager base station.. The paging function  is triggered by the buzzer circuit.

Part of the adaption is designed to give a maintenance charge to the internal battery set in the radio. Thus it can be left connected permanently.

A long Plugged connector lead is provided, one end is plugged into the 2.5mm socket on the base of the DIA control box, and the other end into the charger/microphone socket in any one of the radios supplied. (see picture) This is now the base station. The radios are not modified. Position the radio to give good range. Please note the DIA control box and radio are not weatherproof, and would require a weatherproof container if not mounted indoors. The Infra red beam boxes are designed to be mounted outside, and are weatherproof as long as they are mounted as per the attached instructions.

A Cobra MT200, MT600 or MT800 radio must be used as the base station, but the receiving unit can be any PMR 446 radio. They are designed to work with each other regardless of the make.