An active Infrared beam device to give warning of the arrival of a visitor on your property, and which can also be used to trigger a warning siren or floodlights for your own convenience.

The Infrared beam consists of a sender and a receiver, which are mounted on either side of the drive. Both are normally connected to the Control box, which provides 12V power for the system, and contains a buzzer, extra buzzer terminals, and timing circuits for a sirn. It is plugged into the 240V mains in the house.

The Control box has integral 13A plug pins, and contains an adjustable Buzzer, a Delay timer, and an On timer and switch to drive a siren. It can support 3 separate beams, and two extra buzzers. Each beam comes with 100m of cable (Recommended Maximum Cable 500m.) and 2 stainless steel mounting brackets. One knob is used to adjust the On time of the buzzer, (1 second - 15 seconds), and a further 2 knobs adjust the siren Delay and On time. By this means any external function is delayed, to prevent the beam position from being marked by a prospective intruder. Similarly the boxes are best mounted IN rather than ON posts, in order to hide their position. Hollow posts can be made by nailing four boards together.

The optimum height for mounting the device is 0.9m (1yard), this allows small animals to pass below, but is below the window in a car door. There is 1/10 second delay in the beam to allow a bird to pass through without causing false triggering.

No special tools are required to set up the beam, which is aided by a red indicator which shows when the beam is absent of broken. It can be fitted by a competent handy person with the instructions supplied.

Sutcliffe Electronics do not produce a reflector model with the sender and receiver, on one side of the drive, and a target on the other, since they are much more prone to false alarms and can be easily bypassed.


1) 10M, 20M, or 40M Continuous beam units     

( Maximum distance between sender and receiver )

2) Separate power supply module for sender, for where it is more convenient to run the sender from another place.

3) Extra Function Timer Modules and siren immunity function ( See separate sheet )  ▬►►

4) Paging function for use with ‘Cobra’ Walkie talkie radios, run in conjunction with the internal buzzer.  ▬►►

5) Special 12V system, for where mains is not available, or it is a requirement that the system runs off an alarm panel.

6) Extra cable in 100M rolls

7) Extra buzzers.

8) Siren to provide external warning.

9) Systems are manufactured to order, and can be modified to suit. Please ring to discuss your requirements

- Summary

1) Infra red active beam ( not passive IR. ). Consisting of separate receivers and senders, in pairs.

2) Weatherproof, designed for external use.

3) Transistor switch for operating approved external alarm siren. (Optional Relay switch, with isolated contacts for external functions. Please note the maximum ON time is quite short, it is not designed for switching lights).

4) Integral warning buzzer in control box, with knob to adjust time. Plus provision to power 2 extra buzzers.

5) Runs 24 hours a day.

6) Heating components to reduce condensation.

7) Units run at a nominal 12V. No danger if cable is damaged

8) Three complete beams, or six receivers only, can be fitted to one control box.

9) 500 metres of cable can be used with each beam

( Maximum loop resistance 60 ohms ).

10) Both ends of the beam need power, but do not necessarily need to be wired together. Accessory mains power supplies for the sender available.

11) Integral delay timer for external alarms etc. The delay prevents the beam position being noted. For instance a 30 second delay followed by a 10 second blast on a siren.

12) Buzzer and Siren reset automatically.

13) Stainless steel mounting brackets.

14) Can be used as part of a larger system.

15) Easy to fit by the competent DIY person

16) A preventative deterrent as well as an automatic door bell for the drive.


Sender and Receiver boxes:-

7.5 X 10.5 X 5 cm with a 5 cm lens hood. ( slightly smaller than 1/2 a brick )

Control box:- 14 X 9 X 4 cm Adapter style with 13A plug pins on the back. ( about the size of a double socket )

Beam:- 12V nominal

Relay:- (When specified) 10A 250V AC Resistive load, isolated contacts.

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Your security is increased by fitting hidden beam type alarms across your entrances.

If you don’t know that you have an unwanted visitor, how can you protect yourself

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