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Trailer security

Telescopic Hitch Post

It is well known that even if wheel clamps, and a hitch lock have been  fitted,  the thief still seems to be able to tow a trailer away. One way to protect this valuable asset is to lock it to the ground.

The Telescopic Hitch Post, consists of an outer steel tube, 800 mm in length, and an inner telescopic tube of 5 mm wall thickness, which is designed such that it cannot be removed, and  is  topped with a 50 mm tow ball. The outer  tube is sunk into the ground, flush, and concreted to make it permanent. Since it cannot be dismantled once it is fixed in the ground, there is nothing to get lost.

Ideal extra protection on your drive or caravan / trailer storage facility.  

In use, the trailer is positioned over the ball, and unhitched from the towing vehicle. The post is then raised, the tow hitch fixed to the ball, and locked on with your standard hitch lock. It is then impossible to tow away the trailer without taking time to destroy the hitch lock, or by cutting through the steel tube. The tube can be held up by inserting a steel pin, but can also be locked up with a long hasp padlock.

The Telescopic Hitch Post   takes time and tools for the thief to overcome.  Your expensive trailer cannot be towed away by just winding a chain round the locked hitch and dragging the wheel clamps until they fall off, or up onto a low loader with them still on. We would still recommend that other security is fitted on your site to give advanced warning that there is an unwanted visitor, about to cause you a loss.

Ground level

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