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The module consists of a relay and two timer circuits. The first of which gives an adjustable delay, and the second an adjustable on period.

The timers are adjustable with small preset controls.

approximately :-          1 sec to 2 mins or 2 mins to 4 mins Delay  (Link/No link)

                                 1 sec to 5 mins or 5 mins to 10 mins On.  (Link/No link)

Power input                         240V Ac

Relay contacts                     240V Ac 10A Resistive, Normally open. Fused to 10A.  Isolated from mains input.

Trigger input                        Opto Isolated 12V dc

The device is also be triggered when initially connected to the 240V mains supply, to give a one off timing, reset by switching off, or retriggered by the trigger input.

Housing  Black plastic (ABS) box 105 X 73 X 50 mm

Function Delay Timer Module 2d    TM 022005

This device was developed to meet requests for extra functions on the Sutcliffe ‘ DRIVEWAY INTRUDER ALARM ’ and can be used amongst other ways:-

1)     To add a lighting function to the standard system, or any other alarm panel. A Photocell switch or time clock would also be required.

2)     To switch one 1ight from another with an integral delay, making it seem that an intruder has been heard.

3)     A press button timer for lights in stair wells, outside lights etc.

Though the module is designed to complement the Sutcliffe Driveway Intruder Alarm, it is a stand alone item and be easily interfaced with other devices.

Entrance/Exit siren isolation timer

A special 12 Volt timer which is added into the siren cable, to give temporary entrance/exit isolation. When the button is pressed, the timer prevents the siren from working for approximately ten minutes. This can be reduced by adjusting an internal preset.


The module consists of a relay and timer circuit, with an adjustable off period.

Press button to trigger in the front of the box.

Extra buttons or key switches can be added for remote triggering.

The timer is adjustable from approximately :-1 sec to 10 mins

Power input :-                       12V Dc from siren power supply

Housing  :-                            Black plastic (ABS) box 105 X 73 X 50 mm

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